Mary Kay Bergman (1961 - 1999)

Mary Kay was an extremely talented voice actor, and the original female voice on South Park.  She was originally credited on South Park as Shannen Cassidy, to avoid conflict with her other employer, Disney. She provided her voice for numerous Disney films, even voicing the part of Snow White. That’s right, South Park was originally being voiced by Snow White! Other roles of hers include work on The Fairly Odd Parents, Daphne in some of the Scooby-Doo movies, and a Wierd Al song.

She provided the original voice for so many beloved character in South Park, including Wendy, Shelly, the boy’s moms, Ms. Crabtree, the Mayor, and Principal Victoria.

Her life in came to tragic end in 1999, when her mental illnesses (bipolar and generalized anxiety disorder) drove her to commit suicide.

Basically she’s amazing and deserves an appreciation post! Thank you

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